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Conquering Kokoda

Monday, May 04, 2015 Simone Szabo 0 Comments

A huge congratulations to Paul D. and Stan M. on recently completing the Kokoda Trail.  170km of challenging terrain.  So great to see how well you did, after all your hard training.  Well done guys!  Very proud of you two! Vida staff. 

Veteran's Programs

"I can recommend this program to anyone, especially the Vets who are experiencing physical and psychological issues. It helps your body and your mind. With the sessions they have got for us it is very easy to adapt to and build yourself up. I think Grant is one of the best exercise gurus I have every worked with, and I am getting a heck of a lot out of this program. It is putting me in good stead for everything else that I do in life."


— George


"I've been to many Physiotherapists over a span of 40 years, and have found none as professional and caring to my physical aches and pains as the physiotherapists at Vida Wellness and Rehabilitation."

— Rod