Cancer and Exercise

Vida Wellness and Rehabilitation now have a new program specifically for cancer patients. The program looks specifically at the treatment and side effects and how exercise rehabilitation can help with the management of these side effects that can occur after and during treatment.

Exercise has been proven to help improve physical condition and quality of life for these patients. Exercise can help to reduce fatigue, depression and muscle weakening.

Our accredited Exercise Physiologists conduct a specific assessment that allows them to obtain all necessary information, allowing them to write a program and care plan specifically tailored to the treatment and type of cancer the client may have.

We are also running these programs for children with cancer. To help them cope, and to help with the management of the side effects that can come with the treatments for cancer.

A referral from your GP and or specialist will allow you to be eligible for the program. It is important to have the clearance form your doctor.

Exercise Physiology is also now widely recognised by many private health funds, with substantial rebates available. However, it is advised that all clients contact their health fund prior to starting with an Exercise Physiologist to determine their eligibility and level of cover.

If you are a member of a Private Health Fund you may be eligible for a rebate for our services. Most private health insurance policies include Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapy in their Extra’s Cover. Check your policy and see how you can maximise your benefits.

Contact Vida Wellness and Rehabilitation for further information.